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Lightbox all external links

I have a made a RSS aggregator site for the majority of graffiti/art sites I go on and know they are quite popular.
Eventually I will add my own blog and obviously the adsense is how I will benefit out of it.

It is based on the theme Aggregator 1.0 by Templatic.com the news blocks are made from adding feeds to a sidebar widget.

What I want to do is make all outbound links (eg blog posts) pop up in a lightbox, (my preference is fancybox) so that you can view all the new posts over multiple sites from one site.
I cannot just add rel=lightbox to individual links as they are feeds. I have tried using the open all external links in new windows plugin with no luck.
Anyone have an idea or know of a good plugin that will do this?

The site is
Egraffiti.net : information on Graffiti Spray paint, net graffiti, online graffiti, Graffiti Stencils, Graffiti Supplies, Graffiti Generator.

and im on wordpress Version 3.0.1