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Light Box


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I'm after one. Not a massive one, A4 size will do me just fine. Thing is, I've seen some crazy variety in prices and was wondering what people would recommend?


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Well, I've seen one in Argos for £25, wooden with a lip, no bottom apparently which'll let the light shine onto the table surface. Don't like the look of that big lip either.

I've also seen one for £54 in Details in Newcastle. Much more the job according to some Youtube videos, but more expensive.

The one in Jessops is flat, and £49.

Hmm. I'm tempted to buy the one in Details while I'm in town today. Any thoughts?


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The lip at the front, the big edge to sit paper on. It would annoy me when drawing, I think.

I bought the £54 one from Details today. Brilliant, even light. Good buy. Been using it tonight.
Thanks. I agree; definitely that shape is good for viewing only. I like the colour of the wood, though. From a drawing point of view, I think you made a great choice.


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Jimlad... personally I'd go for the a4 one at the link I suggested, it's a bit more but it is thinner than the ones you've shown :)

The jessops one isn't really suitable either, it's more for film slides and digitising them than your 'drawing' requirements


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Thanks Levi, and while an LED one might've been nice, it's flat and you need to buy feet for it that don't look like they'd give the best angle for drawing. Plus, thickness isn't everything... said the actress to the bishop.