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Letterpress style fonts


I'm designing a poster based on old letterpress typography and was wandering if people could point me in the direction of some nice fonts to use, the more authentic looking the better.

Also any theory that goes behind the making of them, i presume they use some kind of grid.

You can see a few of the things inspiring me here:

Thanks Greg - I've actually already got these from dafont, they are good but they feel like modern interperetations of the real thing and a bit too over textured (this 'under-printing' effect i can apply at the end myself).

I'm really after the names of the actual woodblock fonts that would have been used in this era of printmaking.

I especially like the letter 'E' in the top banner of this site if anyone can help? I know you used to get this a lot on shop fronts in the 60's and 70's.

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