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Let me know what you think

Hi, I;m 16 and have been playing around on photoshop. I chose the name 'yaviox' as a youtube user, but haven't fired it up yet. That's a little explaining, here it is. :) (it's a pc wallpaper by the way)
If you were to make a change to this for the better, try to make the text clearer because that swirling trail that goes around the text makes it harder to read.
I'm confused on what this is suppose to be. Is the logo meant to be flying out of the planet?
It's not supposed to be realistically there. It's a little abstract mixed in with the surroundings. The red trail is supposed to come from the planet and go round the logo like it has gravity, substance, comparison to a planet, and therefore, of importance. get my drift?
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Tony Hardy

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Sorry for hijacking your thread, but Craig, your Ted logo...this one?


Isn't it a little bit similar to this? It looks like you've actually just copied the whole thing and inverted the colours?

Hi Tony,
honestly, no! as a matter of fact i've got all the initial sketches... where did you find that? I was playing around for hours to produce something for them. Funny thing was that this wasn't the actual ident the client went for.
I think this is another 'closed' project, I have only done minor changes to the above image, so I won't post it up. Thanks for the link, Craig. Helped alot and have already started thinking a new piece through in my mind!