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Lego Stop-Motion


Junior Member
Hi everyone, we have a project at uni that involves making a film and seeing who can get the most YouTube hits. If you could take a minute to watch our video it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtP3cw513B4]The Designer's Battle - YouTube[/ame]
Great stuff. I also did a Lego stop motion for my film project in my last year of university, it's always a great medium for stop motion. Anyway, it reminded me so much of those other short videos you can find on YouTube of the robot designers/clients, they always have me in stitches (Especially the way they say 'Logo'!)

Just a couple of pointers if you ever make another..

  • Increase the number of frames your using, it would make the car move a lot smoother at the beginning. I know it can take quite a while but it's worth it in the end!
  • The door closed by itself half way through ;)
  • You could have focused in on each character as they were talking as there wasn't many changes from that default view. I found I was just listening to the audio instead of watching what was on the screen, you would want the action of the Lego characters to dominate the scene as that's what we're meant to be watching.
  • The death could have been a little better, but then again we can all relate to those banging your head on the desk moments!

There's a couple of other things but I think I've given you enough on this one already. Good luck, I hope you win :)