Legal and Environmental Aspects, freelance graphic designer



I'm looking into starting up a freelance graphic design business. I'll be working from home, from my laptop and aim to have the whole business online unless I have work locally.
Can anyone recommend any legal requirements I will need and advice on how to go about it, please?


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The only real requirement for running a design business in the UK is that you register with HMRC to pay your taxes. Outside of that there are lots of things a designer may need to consider when starting their business but these are more common sense / sensible actions rather than legal requirements...

• Having a water tight contract written up to be used for each project.
• Some level of insurance to protect you should someone try to sue you.
• If working on site, some level of insurance incase you break anything.
• If you rent your home you may need to check your tenancy allows the premises to be used for business.
• You will also need to update your home insurance to cover business use.
• The same goes for your car insurance (assuming you drive)

Paul Murray

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GDPR. You need a procedure in place to protect the personal details of your clients and anybody you may need to contact.