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Learning Adobe Flash

Im soon going to be learning the basics of Flash and am a bit scared like.
Never done ANY flash before.

Any thoughts/advice/tutorial pages on Flash that you recommend?
Is it really tough to learn? Do I need to know anything in particular before starting?

I already know HTML, XHTML, CSS and some basic Javascript.
theres a lot of tutorials out and about on the internet. I learnt it at University and its very very powerful. Get started with some basic animation and then look at doing some ActionScript 3.0.


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I bought a book about flash and found that really hard to get into. I got a subscription with lynda.com which helped me learn some basics (i found it easier to learn like). If you try lynda.com you can prob view a few free tutorials so that might help you a little.
HippySunshine said:
Thanks guys and Glen that would be very helpful.
Thank you :)
How are we going to do this....ummm let me find a way to get these online for you,I might be able to add them to my server...is it legal to share my things like this? It's paid for from the past so it would be ok right? If someone could clear that up for me Ill go ahead and share it with you no problem.


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the best way i find to learn new things, is to set your self a goal, say "im gonna make a circle come up on the screen and then turn into a square," im sure you can figure out how to draw a circle straight away, and a square, but you may not know about the time line and tweening, i know i didnt! so i went to you tube, searched something like how to do simple animation in flash, found a tutorial, saw hat you had to do tweening and hey presto i got a circle into a square. in my opinion thats a better way to do it than just watching tutorials, i found that by doing that i had to watch more than one tutorial which meant i learnt more than one way of doing it, also learnt alot more things along the way, now im doing some animations in flash for a client. so thats my advice dont just watch tutorials and copy them, watch them but with your own goals in mind. also you tube is pretty good for them. best of luck!

Ok so I've begun to learn the basics of drawing and merging and object drawing etc. now i've come across Flash "symbols" I don't have any in my library to play around with, can you download any for free online? I've had a quick look but can't see any for free or do I have to create my own?

Thanks x

EDIT: Found a useful article on Symbols so may have just answered my own question! But still any further knowledge is always appreciated.


I would suggest going to a site called gotoandlearn :) search for it on Google :) will help with learning all sorts of bits in Flash :)


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I would like to learn Flash as well. These days, anything coding is a pretty well valuable skill set to have I'm told. What is a good program to get/find in order to practice and play around with Flash? Can you get anything free from say Adobe to do that, or well If I would need buy a program thats alright too.

I ask because currently I am practicing and studying JavaScript, having just finished with HTML. For those when i want to practice what I've learned, I use a free editor for code called Notepad ++ so I was just wondering if there was anything similar for Flash.