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Learn Design Inspire poster

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by ReeceSlack, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. ReeceSlack

    ReeceSlack Member

    A piece of work I did a few years ago for a school competition trying to get more people to do art and design at gcse level
    Let me know what you think...

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  2. I think you need to apply some anti aliasing to those edges! It has a rather chaotic feel to it, what is the triangle meant to represent?
  3. ReeceSlack

    ReeceSlack Member

    The image is zoomed when opened from the thumbnail - ( should look better there)
    At my secondary school each lesson block had a different shape to symbol it and the art block was represented by a triangle (dont ask why i found it pretty primary school-ish lol)
  4. Still jagged :p It would be interesting to see what you'd do if you followed the same brief now!
  5. ReeceSlack

    ReeceSlack Member

    haha I will apply some anti aliasing and see how it looks and now I would go for the illuminati style triangle mind controlling people into taking up a subject haha ;)
  6. shaunalynn

    shaunalynn Active Member

    I have to say, it's doing nothing for me. Too dark and it's not making me want to do anything designy. LEARN reads as I EARN. It sort of just looks like you went straight to photoshop, threw some text and brushes on a blue background and didn't really give it much thought.
    Give it another go! :)
  7. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Ditto what Shauna said.
  8. ReeceSlack

    ReeceSlack Member

    Thanks for your feedback, I did this about 3/4 years ago if I get the time I will have another go see how it comes out

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