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Layout critics


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Hi Guys!

I am newbie here and would like to get your opinion about 2 versions of a footer from a website. Which of them do you prefer?
I particularly like the first one, but I received opinions that the second one is better due to level of contrast....
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, i think its because the size limitation of the attachments...

Please, I would love to know your suggestions


Well I'd say the first seems more aesthetically pleasing, but it needs context, as in the whole page. Text/background-wise the first has more contrast than the second to my eye, but you could just use the darker purple and it'd be fine all the same.

Portugal or Brazil? :p


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Hi Mark! Thank you for your comments!
I am from Brazil :p, starting in web design. Design process has been difficult to me, learning everything by myself, I am almost giving up this work...rsrs. But anyway! I appreciate your comments!
Well I wouldn't give up, for someone 'starting' web design this is pretty good, and it becomes easier/takes less time with practice.

The colour scheme works well and overall it feels light and airy, which is right for this kind of client.

Mostly I'd say don't be afraid of white space, you can move things out a little more and make it feel even less cluttered. As well as that I'd try to give your images at the top the same width and spacing as your text columns, and take the background off your tagline. It works well in the footer, but here it just seems out of place.

And now I understand the contrast thing with the footer, but I still think the first one is nicer, and all you really need to do to separate it is maybe give it a border and a little more spacing.

Other than that there's a little alignment issue with your left product column where things were moving down the page, and you seem to be mixing different letter cases (all lower in your nav, title case in your images, and all caps in your headings) throughout the page.

Spent five minutes in Photoshop to give you an idea of how it feels with more space:



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Hey Mark!!
Thank you very much for your comments. You made significant improvements and all your advices make sense to me! Really appreciate your post!! I will change like you did!

Thank you!!!!


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Having a footer with a design on the background and not on the main content seems out of place. I would definitely choose the plain footer