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Layer based editing software


Junior Member
I have created a flyer using photoshop (using layer obviously).

My client would like to edit the text on the flyer (to add/change different discount codes)

Is there a free program that my client can download and edit PSD or TIFF layers?

I tried GIMP, PAINT.net and Pixia but they seem to add new text layers rather than edit the existing.

Any idea's anyone?

There is a reason why Photoshop exists.

Your best bet is probably using Word. Save the image flat and remove the discount code layer. Put a text box in Word so he can change it.

If it were me, the design would be been done with Photoshop and InDesign (all text rendered in InDesign) and saved as a PDF so the client could edit in Acrobat. It's a lot easier to get a client to buy Acrobat and see it as a viable purchase.
No it's not...but if a client wants to have editing control I don't see why it "has" to be free.

Professional products are made for professionals.
Another way is to create the pdf and then use the form function to set up editable text fields within acrobat pro.
The end user can then easily change these elements. This way they can use the free adobe reader app rather than pro and save/print as they wish.


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You don't mention whether your client uses a Mac or Windows PC - this could have an effect on the advice you get back.

If on a Mac, there's a 30-day trial version of Pixelmator, which can read and write to Photoshop .psd files...

There's also a trial version of Photoshop Elements for Mac and Windows, isn't there? Not sure if this allows you to save the amended file, I suppose it depends if it's an unlimited trial version.

As suggested, Word might be an option if that's the only software that your client has to hand. It all depends on what software the client currently has and whether it's a Mac or Windows PC.
If all they need to do is change a code then the pdf route is both free and simple. Adobe reader is free and the file will work on both pc and mac as long as a standard font is used.

Just send a pdf with a text field, they type in the code save and print


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Id be trying to sell a monthly deal with them where you do the design changes for a reduced price if they signup for x amount of months. Otherwise your amazingly designed flyer will end up with comic sans blasted across it cuz they thought it looked more fun... and your name will be to it....