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Latest Design


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I'm in band and ive taken the time to make a website for us,

ive had a lot good feedback so far but it would be nice to get opinions from those who have an insight into web design

heres the site
The Longfellows Official Site

there are a few things i know i need to tend to, but overall im pleased with it


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Welocme to DF Joe.

Site looks nice and clean, good geometrics. The photoshop image at the top needs blending better.
Only areas of concern is the use of caps for body text. U/Lcase is easier on the eye to scan and read, that's why books are lowecase. the rule is caps only for short headlines.

The actual branding elements are missing! I'm presuming it is Longfellows the band - then where is the branding and name? Apart from that - nice clean work.


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urhg, Reminds me of 1998. Pixel stretches are what you do when you cant think of someting more interesting. Also I find the massive heading images kind of patronising.


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ooooohh bitch of a mood Brendan;);)... You've made me look like Holly Willougby:D Not coming to your house for crumpets tommorow!:D
Want my Avatar???;)


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br3n said:
Its his first post, this way he'll think of you as the nice guy :D

Deep down, I am a nice guy.

I only want people to be better than they think they are;)

Life's too short to waste


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But what if some people think theyre better than they actually are?

(I need to add that although this is your intro thread, it has NO RELEVANCE whatsoever to you, so hi :p)


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br3n said:
But what if some people think theyre better than they actually are?
It's all part of life's rich and somewhat confusing tapestry.

Book of Life: From the Great Leo Burnett, he built a global company on this:
"Always aim for the stars, you may not touch them, but neither will you end up with a handful of dust"


Staff member

No band name anywhere obvious - it needs to be there to reinforce brand awareness.

I don't like the stretched sides - just do a fade out and then a flat colour or something.

The menu doesn't need to stretch across my screen, keep it within the confines of the block in the middle.

The buttons/headers/links on right seem a little like a 'my first toy' approach. , they seem oversized in relation to the site.