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Late Payment

Hi guys,

I invoiced a client for work done on the 25th of November stating it was to be paid within 30 days and as yet, no payment. So how would you guys broach the subject, bearing in mind that I would like to work with them again in the future, despite this issue?


Staff member
For me I just give them a follow up e-mail (used mainly for records if needed) informing them that I haven't received payment and ask for confirmation if it's been sent etc so I can chase it up with my bank if they have done.

This normally works with my clients sending a sorry it slipped my mind type response and then subsequent payment but bare in mind that they may have shut down over the xmas/new year period.
Cheers Levi. Yeah did think about Xmas & all the bank holidays possibly affecting it coming through, plus about 2 weeks before Xmas the guy who deals with this sort of thing had a baby (or more correctly his wife did) so might have slipped his mind with it all going on.


Staff member
yeah sounds like it's a case of oops had a few other things on my mind to take care of and this kind of slipped through the net type affair. Just got with the gentle nudge approach rather than the sledgehammer :)
Well, sent an email about a week ago & haven't had any response even though I know they've been back in the office after the Xmas break. I guess next week i'll send another email with a new invoice plus interest.
If it's a big organisation with a separate accounts dept then ring up and ask for the purchase ledger/accounts payable person. They should be able to tell you what the position is with the invoice.

If not, then just make yourself a, polite, nuisance. Ring, rather than e-mail. It's much easier to ignore an e-mail. Be polite, "just wanted to check that everything was alright" etc etc. Ring every day if you need to. If they don't answer then hide your caller ID or use a different phone.

Good luck


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I have that kind of thing stated on my invoice, if someone doesn't pay, I send them the invoice again just with a "Reminder" statement at the top then give them a call a few days later to confirm status with some more detail.

So, send a reminder email with a copy of the invoice - then give them a call in a few days stating late payment charges IF the invoice is paid within x days from then...