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Large format printing


New Member

I am printing at 2m x 8m and need a suitable image resolution. Unfortunately it mostly will be viewed at quite a close distance.

The highest appropriate image I can find is 4664 x 6988 px at 300 dpi is this suitable? My calculations suggest that id need an image that would be ruddy massive so not really sure what to do....help ha

I have suggested to the client to use vector artwork but they are having none of it but at a last resort I can insist.
I print large format images for car wrapping and red-carpet fabric banners with 9m width from time to time. The image you have is good, just open it in photoshop, go to image size and increase the dpi to 600. This will increase the size of the image not the quality and will give you a print.
What software you use to print from?