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Large Format, B+W Prints


Staff member
Got a quickie.

I've been pushed into designing the village well dressing thing this year. (FFS!) :(

It's a big board with a design made from flowers and shit.
Not very happy about it.

I'm wanting some large format, B+W prints running out just as a guide for them and I though this might be a cheap and quick fix rather than doing it by hand using the grid method.

We use these but I'm waiting to hear where we get them from and what they are so I can get a local printer to output them.
They're like the plotted CAD prints that architects use for their plans. (plan prints, CAD prints)?

Just having a bit of trouble finding it online locally so need to ring round .


Staff member
As big as possible really.

The area is 2m x 1.5m.

I've never had them outputted but 'I think' we usually use these B+W plots that they use for plans.
I couldn't get hold of our man that sorts them and I couldn't find much on Google.
They look like a giant photocopy (good ones) and quite cheap.
They often use them for street art as paste ups.

I've got it sorted now and I gridded it and drew it by hand.
Not done that for a while. ;)
I had to draw up a scene from Beatrix Potter and it's only used as a guide and thrown away after.
They put clay on a big board and the paper over the top and pounce it (pierce the paper) in a similar way to how sign painters do it.
They then decorate using flowers, bits of stick, road kill or anything else they can find.

It's not really my bag but I got kind of pressured into it.
Cost of living in a small village I guess.

I wanted to lure a police officer to the village and burn him in a huge wicker structure.
Much easier. ;D