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Laptop skins?

Hey guys :)

Not sure if this is the right place for this, if not I apologise!

I have an old laptop which I fancied doodling on - giving the outer casing a bit of customizing, but since I started college I've been mad busy with project work, and haven't had alot of time to do my own stuff. :(

Over half term though I started doing a line art type drawing which I thought might look good on said laptop, so I got my sharpies out and started, and it looks pretty nice so far. :)

Anywho, friend of mine quite fancies it on his, which is fine, I could do it.. But he's in London, which isn't too far from me but I don't want to have to keep going over there to work on it, or have to have the laptop here with me for 6-8 weeks or however long it might take.

So, question:

What would be the best way of doing this - I would assume I could use some sort of (blue peter talk) sticky back plastic which I could draw the design onto and send to him - he'd then have to put it on himself.

But there's a few things bothering me.

Whatever material was used would have to be measured up to fit properly. That's fine, just takes a bit of time getting the measurements.

It would also need to be cut to fit - if there are any (like on my old laptop) edges where it turns down, I wouldn't want the areas of the corners to fold over onto itself.

I look on google, most laptop skin companies seem to use a vinyl which is put on then it's sealed with something else. I've drawn directly onto mine which I thought was better, but it clearly needs some kind of sealer or clear plastic sheeting over the top to stop the marker fading as it's handled.

I think it'd be good for something I could do in my spare time for people.. but without splashing out on expensive vinyl, does anyone know of any cheaper and yet just as good solutions?

Thanks. (and sorry for the huge post!) :)


Staff member
iirc most laptop skins are done in a vinyl and then heated (gently) to shape to the lid.

You could probably get away with the sticky clear stuff they use to cover books etc as long as its not going to be removed again.
iirc most laptop skins are done in a vinyl and then heated (gently) to shape to the lid.
I thought this but I think there are a few companies (online that I've seen) where you can order prints from.. and I doubt it would involve sending your laptop to them.