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Ladies Gym Identity Revamp

Hi Guys,
Currently revamping the identity of a ladies fitness franchise I own part of, ready for a relaunch.
Just wondered what you make of it really? Anything you don't like etc.
Here's a few things to get an idea of it.

Posters to go around the gym.

Plaques to go next to each piece of equipment detailing how to use it, and what muscle groups it works.

Business card and letterhead.

Thanks in advance,
There is to much pink for my liking. I get your reason behind it that woman = pink and women all like pink. It needs another colour to balance it out and bring something else to it. I would use the pink as an accent.

Have a look at the widows on the bullet points, there is room to pull them to the line above.

It's a good start but it needs something adding to it.

Sean Lee-Amies

Perhaps tone some of the pink down and just use a couple of instances of the strong pink/magenta. It's really not bad, but like balders says, it needs something adding to it before I think it can be great. I'm not massively keen on the illustrations/diagrams used of the body on the abdominal tower plaques, they remind of high school biology books.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
The main reason for so much pink is that the gym interior itself is going to be just white, so although there looks to be a lot pink on these, I'm hoping that when they're up on the walls it won't looks so much...if that makes sense?
The illustration is something that will be changed, just trying to source one, that's just the one they currently have available.
I will look into getting rid of those widows too, i'd totally missed them.

Tony Hardy

I like the pink. I don't think it could be anything except pink? Any other "girly" colours always look wishy washy when put next to the white.
I think if you put them on the wall you need to put them in a really strong looking frame to separate the background from the white walls.

Also, not sure on the use of : in the titles. Don't know if it needs them.

Sean Lee-Amies

Ahh okay then that should be fine regarding the pink, if they are on plain white walls. They are good as they are, but I still think there could be some design flair added to it. I think the colons are fine in the titles, but either way it's not going to make a massive difference if you include or exclude them.
That makes sense I guess.
Possibly right justify the prices on the hula hoops?
I could well be wrong but isn't the label for the stomach muscle groups the wrong way round when you look at the wording for the lumbar?
I'd potentially say that you could reduce the weight of those headings a little and add a touch more of a feminine delicacy. Its quite bold and direct at the moment. Just my boring two pence, sorry.