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Know nothing about CSS and HTML but want a website that suits my design


I've been using various webhosts to setup a website (Clikpic (I didn't fully sign up as the designing aspect of the online software annoyed be and there wasn't much help available for it), Moonfruit and Weebly) and wanted to know if anyone knows how I can create my own layout from scratch and upload to either Moonfruit or Weebly.

I don't have the finances to pay for the hosting at the moment hence going for the free Weebly and Moonfruit hosting services. I know that Weebly has an option for CSS and HTML format editing but I have no idea how to work with the coding - but I think it may help me? It is also more flexible than Moonfruit and allows for unlimited pages which is ideal for the kind of website I want to showcase my work.

Can anyone advise on the best course of action? :confused:

Thank you!


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I think you are stuck with what you can find until you can afford the hosting. Once you can, I'd venture into the HTML & CSS book that Jazajay suggested


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Yeah I totally agree, honestly there is no point in you spending money until you have learnt it, waste of money. So the free way is the best way to go until you have honed your skills.

That book is so great it is done in such an easy to follow way, not a simple sit down read from cover to cover. I just wish more books would follow suit and people would learn so much faster TBH and even though it is old now it will still give you a great understanding trust me I still have mine.


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Renniks said:
I think you are stuck with what you can find until you can afford the hosting. Once you can, I'd venture into the HTML & CSS book that Jazajay suggested
you can get free hosting (OOOwebhost for example) to play around with a website etc. Maybe not the best option for a business but plenty good enough to play around with.


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Theres no reason not to keep a portfolio page even with the website etc but the hosting would work the same as a paid for option in terms of seo so no reason not to try out html/css with the help of jaz's book :)
CSS/XHTML - If its about structuring a site I would look at the CSS Box Model first of all.

If your looking for hosting - Drop me a message, I can sort you out with something extremly cheap and value for money hosting. We also offer great support. MrP will back me up on this one if he see's the message.
hi! that book's awesome! had a quick flick through it and it's seems quite entertaining apart from all the knowledge! lol thanks for the ref! gonna enjoy reading it! (and then applying it later)

@Glen - I'm not looking just at the moment (will be returning to uni at end of sept so any money saved is invaluable for me right now) but thanks I'll bear it in mind tho! :)
what about a free hosted wordpress blog converted to a portfolio? although mine is privately hosted it is a wordpress base that i have made into a portfolio. Plus there are many free templates out there.
Thanks! Using wordpress to start my own independent blogs - working on my first one (this year I did my first ever blog as part of my uni course! It got me inspired - and man when I'm in the mood I can write essays on a topic!)

Ha Jazajay, just recommended that book to someone else just now!


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@Just Sadiqa
I know it is brilliant I haven't found any other books like it which is a serious, serious shame. I keep telling myself I'm going to teach myself Java soon and I'll pick their Java one up when I do.

Web tutorials in my opinion are great when you have an understanding of the topic. Some times you really do just need to sit down and read a book on the subject to get a far better understanding than you could reading the same stuff online. Reading computer scenes is not the same as reading a book, you brain can't take it in in the same way, you will fidget more, wont be able to get comfy and your eyes will honestly tier quicker. Honestly it is dated but get that book then look towards the online stuff. :)