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Key Largo Travel Site


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Hi everyone,

Been a long time since I posted some work for feedback so thought I would post up a recent design concept I've put together for a side project of mine. It's all about 'Key Largo' (.co.uk), the largest island in the Florida Keys, the idea is to create a mini travel resource site, it will also have a built in search feature for hotels availability, etc.

The design colours are based around the sea creatures vector illustrations I purchased :)

The orange bit's around the find deals box are as I based that around a pre-built search form, so haven't quite got round to replacing all of that yet!

Think my main concern with the design is that it's a bit too family/kids focused, whilst Key Largo does cater for family holidays, based on the resorts/hotels available I think it may be appeals to high end travellers more so.. look forward to receiving any feedback/thoughts!



my only thought is about the sun.. could it have more rays coming out of it? As it looks like its only shining on the Florida keys menu item :)

Other than that :) I like the style :)


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Oh yeah well spotted Chris, think I was planning to add more rays.. must have been distracted when I did that section!
Thanks :)


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Really like the site but have the same issue that it could be too "youthful" rather than high end... I think you'd have to ask some high end people what they thought though ;)


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As a high end person, I really like it, i think as long as you balance the fun side of the site with good informative copy and serious photos, as well as spot on functionality I wouldn't be too concerned about the "youth" side of it. After all people using the site will be looking for a holiday and a break away from the norm, and the cheery active colours get the holiday mood started before you even book, so nice one greg!


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Thanks for the feedback guys, like you say Geoff I think the copy tone and images will be key to attracting the right audience to delving further into the content pages of the site, will have to think carefully about that, or look to outsource to a copywriter who know's what they'e doing! :D


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ok my opinions :)

I think the 2 photo's up top look out of place and they're also drawing my eyes to them rather than the logo.

Maybe you could try doing a stylised praying statue (from picture) and adding that to the scene rather than have it as a picture

Other than I like the idea but I do agree it may be a little too 'family' orientated


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Thanks for the feedback Levi, so perhaps try a vector illustration of the statue in the background? and then save the photo for the diving page itself? I'll try it out, only concern is being able to match up the style with the other background vectors :)