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I'm a 22-year old danish designer who just finished the second version of my website.
My programming skills are not the best so I chose to keep it very simple - also because I wanted to put focus more on the projects rather than the design of the website. A rather invisible design like you see it with Indexhibit. However, I've tried to give it a bit of a personal touch with some big thumbnails.

The purpose of my website is to function as an online businesscard for me as a designer. That's why I have chosen to focus more on the conceptual and personal projects than on the commercial stuff.

Keep it simple, I hope you like it :)
Response is welcome, also on the projects.

Kasper Pyndt

Decent enuff site mate but why not introduce yourself to the guys @ the forums before posting this out? Looks a little spammy or way to preomote your site, I hope its not a one off post as the community here is excellent! Drop a post introductions as I say, let the guys get to know who you are.
I don't know how you feel when you have just finished a project, but I haven't had this webdesign long and I look for some response to it. I don't participate in any graphic design fora with a critique section, so I thought why not try this out.

So you're right. I probably will not be making many posts in this forum.

But I didn't make this thread to promote myself or my site. I simply look for some comments. However, I'll introduce myself, I'm a polite enough guy.


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Hi Kasper,

Like the simple site design, like you mentioned very similar to Indexhibit, I wonder if you need the intro page at all? or whether it would be worth going straight into the work? I also think, whilst you want to keep it very minimal, it needs a small text intro, for anyone that lands on the site and has no clue what it's about, even if it's just as a short as "WELCOME TO KASPERPYNDT.DK, THE DIGITAL HIDEOUT OF GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND ILLUSTRATOR KASPER PYNDT SØHOLT RASMUSSEN."

I would also look to add some CSS styling to the navigation to show the visitor which section/page of the site they're on, and maybe sub-navigation, so when you're looking at a project there's a link at the bottom to return to the showcase section?

As for your work, I love some of the print layouts and posters you've done, looking really good (especially http://www.kasperpyndt.dk/files/bc.jpg)
Hi Kasper,

Welcome to DF!

I really like the clean and simplistic look you've gone for. I like your work as well. Some very nice typography excersises in there. :up:

Like Greg also mentioned, you should include a short description of the site so people instantly know what the site is about. Perhaps even just a tagline underneath your logo saying Graphic Designer or something like that?