Jury Duty expenses and freelancing


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Hi all,

I've recently gone self-employed/freelance, and while getting myself together over the last month with designing a portfolio, stationery, making contacts etc. I haven't actually had any work yet.

I've been called up for Jury Service next month and am unsure where I stand in regards to expenses. I can claim up to £X amount but I'd need an accountant to validate my average earnings. This is tricky as I don't have an accountant and I haven't had any work yet as I've just started out, so cannot prove my earnings.

Now, I don't want to 'screw the system' or anything, but there is a possibility I could get work, or I may not. The expenses I could claim would be a significant amount to me.

Has anyone had this problem before, or any advice?
Thanks very much!


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Firstly welcome to DF :)
Have just taken a look and it looks like the maximum anyone can claim for loss of earnings as a result of jury service is £31.56 per day (applicable to the first 10 days)? I'm guessing the vast majority of cases won't go beyond one or two days?

I believe you would actually need an accountant to write the letter rather than have an accountant validate the earnings, so unless you already have an accountant this might be tricky.

If I was you, I would apply to defer the jury service (another time within the next 12 months) on the basis that you have just setup a new business, and need to generate work, so this would be applicable (possibly): "urgent work commitments that would be detrimental to the business if not completed in time".

That way you can focus on getting work in, rather than how much you may be elligible to claim from completing jury service :)

Work commitments can be hard to break, but they are not a valid reason for being excused from jury service. You can ask to have your jury service postponed to a later date when you may be less busy. The application must come from you and not your employer. You may include a letter of support from your employer when you return your summons. Your employer must not send a letter separately. Any separate communication from a third party will be regarded as interfering with your jury summons and will be returned.
Hope that helps,


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I agree with Greg, put off the Jury Service until another time.
I took part whilst at college and we had a couple of cases which took up two weeks solid.
Fair enough if your in higher ed but not if it's getting in the way of your business and making money.

Let somebody else do it.


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Thanks for the replys Greg and Typo.

Unfortunately, I've already agreed to do it. My thought was to get it out of the way whilst I'm less busy. I could be up to my neck in work in 12 months and would really feel the inconvenience then.

I wouldn't mind but I did jury duty about 5 years ago. Pick on someone else!

I'll ring up the jury hotline and see what they think. Nothing to lose I guess.