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Junior designer - 16 page magazine design quote? Please help!

Hi everyone!

I'm brand new to this forum and I wanted some help/advice.

I have just started working freelance and have been asked to design a 16 page full colour A5 magazine, including front cover (no advertising). They will then send my work off to the printers.

I have never done freelance work before so i have no idea on what to charge or what my hourly rate should be.

I am still a junior designer (qualified for 2 years) so I'm not sure how much is "too much" to charge.

Rather than work out how many hours i will work, i was just going to give a total quote. I was thinking between £150-£200 for the job but is that too much or too little?? I literally picked that number off the top of my head so I'm not sure if this is a reasonable quote?

The magazine shouldn't take me longer than 3-4 days to complete.

Please help! Thank you! :help:

- False symmetry :icon_cheers:


Staff member
You think this will take 3-4 days to complete. Thats minimum 20 hours.
What about the alterations (there WILL be some)? 3-4 hours?
And how much time will you have spent talking to the client (face to face, via email, phone)? 5-6 hours?

The total is going to be somewhere between 28 & 30 hours or (if you dont want to work in hours) roughtly a full working week.

Even as a junior you need to be looking at this from a profesisonal point of view. You're worth more £7 an hour! Even £10 an hour would still be a bargain for the client! They will be pretty experienced at dealing with contractors and will expect to beat you down. Go in high and come down if you need to but going in low leaves you no wiggle room.


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4 days @ 8 hours per day = 32 hours

32 x hourly rate

At minimum wage that's £208.

I think you're worth more than minimum wage.

I'd be charging circa £500.


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all I will say is there isn't a chance on this planet that I'd be doing a 3-4 day job for £200, hell most of us probably charge that or close to it a day lol
Thank you for the advice guys! Much appreciated. I quoted my client £480. I could have gone higher but as my first freelance piece of work I want to build my portfolio a bit without scaring anyone away lol!

I would appreciate some more feedback from others as well, I'd love to see what anyone else thinks!