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Jungle-ish theme


Senior Member
I think it looks cool. Odd how you have three different fonts though.

I dont like the way the green side bar goes off the top of the screen. Maybe have that poking out the left of the main content area??

Really nice background texture man.


Senior Member
I was thinking of having the navigation in a fixed position, so to make it look less "awkward" (with lack of a better word) I thought I'd stick it to the top. There are only two fonts though, Myriad Pro and Verdana, where do you see a third?


Senior Member
Oh lol I didn't notice my references were still there (15px and 20px padding blocks + color palette). And yes, you're right, the black heading is condensed while the white one is regular.

@Sunburn: yes I've seen Komodo, very original layout. The foliage meter is probably one of a kind. But that's not the style I was directly aiming for, Rogie's site calls out 'Illustrator' (it's for words like this I hate Arial, Helvetica and similar fonts), which I am not.