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jQuery Tooltip (Javascript Question)

I'm working on the development for a site whereby the client wants to have some tooltips appear with additional info when you hover over certain areas of the page.

I've done a lot of searching and playing around with various scripts and it seems most of them don't allow you to link up a single word inside the tooltip (shown in my mockup);

I've since come across this script which looks great and lets you have HTML inside the tooltip, but it fades out too quickly so you wouldn't have a chance to click the link.
Cut & Paste Inline HTML Tooltip script

I'm wondering if there is any way to edit the Javascript to prevent the tooltip from fading out until the user has moused away from the link that triggers the tooltip itself? If anyone could figure this out I'd be so grateful as this has been causing me a headache for hours now :(



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Hi Will,

I'm by no means experienced with Javascript, but have in the past managed to find the settings for things like this, in this case I think this is the line (htmltooltip.js) you need to edit;

fadeeffect: [true, 500],
Try changing 500 to 1000 first, in theory that should double the time before fade?
Let us know how you get on!

Cheers Greg.

Adjusting that value just seems to make the fade transition go slower, but not make the tooltip stay present for any longer before fading out.

There must be a value somewhere that can adjust this lol
This is crazy.

It seems like you can only have 2 tooltips by default. Every time I go to add a third it no longer wants to work...


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Have you got this uploaded anywhere Will? if you can add a link to this post or PM I'll take a quick look for you.