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jQuery?! too much or too little?

Hey guys,

I've just had second thoughts about these transitions that I've been playing with on my site that's under development! I was thinking that the transitions on each page are way too much, but I'm still excited about getting to grips with jQuery properly!

What do you all think about transitions and features on sites and what would you call too much?

Love the input and some examples if you've got any :)


Staff member
had the idea to try this on my site along time ago.... decided against it for the same reasons as below.
it's too slow, you could maybe get away with a very short fade but not sure it's worth it. There's also a 'stutter' between page fade and load, at least in firefox.

The idea of the fade sounds good in theory but it just doesn't really work well in most cases.
Yeah the page became twice as slow when it was fully uploaded! Seems a shame though! I want to put this idea onto my drumming portfolio site, but I think with all the media it would work like a snail haha!

Firefox doesn't seem to like a lot of things Javascript!

You know of any sites that can pull jQuery animations well?


Staff member
firefox is usually fine for me with javascript thats up to date, it's usually the old stuff it has issues with in my experience. I noticed it while looking for ideas I have for my site etc. You just have to pick wisely :)
For some reason on mine it hates everything! Was perfectly fine before the last update and then it just started getting slower and stopped a majority of CSS functions!

Hmm time to get wise then! just want it to stand out a lottle more, and some of those transitions and effects did a really nice job. just got to try and get my jQuery button templates to match up to the color scheme im changing.