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Jquery Effect

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by cmykme, May 12, 2010.

  1. cmykme

    cmykme Junior Member

    I am trying to find a nice Jquery effect that gives the effect of an image flash when you hover over it.

    So I have an image, then on the hover it flashes white for a split second (or longer) and then reverst back to the image even though still hovered over it.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. tbwcf

    tbwcf Active Member

    Not too sure why you'd want to but...

    Would do it. Just give the images you want to apply to class="flasher"
  3. beat me to it Andy :p
  4. cmykme

    cmykme Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies, how can I apply it to different images.
    At the moment there are 6 images and they all flash upon the hover.

    Cheers :up:
  5. ralphsaunders

    ralphsaunders Senior Member

    Might work better (not tested code btw)

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