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Jpegs to pdf ebrochure

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Anglo Design, May 13, 2009.

  1. Anglo Design

    Anglo Design New Member

    Hi there, hope you're all well. :icon_wink:

    I need to design a 4/5 page PDF ebrochure and I realize I need to create this in InDesign ideally. I currently don't have InDesign, which isn't really the problem as I could get it soon enough. The thing is I've never used it and I want to get this job done sharpish!

    I was wondering if I could create the ebrochure pages in Photoshop/Illustrator, and then compile the jpegs into PDf pages. What software can do that, can anyone help?

    All the best,

    VLAHAKISA Member

    Multi Page Documents i nIllustrator

    Yes you can compile it very easily in Illustrator, I do it all the time. You can create a print quality multipage pdf in Illustrator.

    Follow this guide:How to create multi-page PDFs in Illustrator CS2

    It's very easy to work with once you've got the hang of it :)

  3. Anglo Design

    Anglo Design New Member

    Thanks so much Amanda, I really didn't know I could do that in Illustrator! :icon_notworthy:

    Very many thanks.

  4. RedApple

    RedApple New Member

    If you send the files over I can put them into indesign for you to make one pdf. No charge.
  5. RedApple

    RedApple New Member

    Just wanted to say if you supply the pdf pages with design on of course :) then I can put those into indesign.

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