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Joomla Websites

Hi everybody!

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Joomla? Our company have been building websites for ourselves with Joomla for about a year now and I have learnt quite a lot through it.

I never used to have any idea about building websites before we used Joomla. It seems the best way forward for us! The websites we produce are of a good standard and we can incorporate Virtuemart to sell our products online too.
I've been getting into SEO too to see how our websites perform but that's a different story.

Anyway, the whole point of this thread was to see what everyone thinks about Joomla (whether you have used it or not). Our company is growing and we are certainly moving more and more towards the website side of business.

If you don't use Joomla, then what do you use? Does anyone actually hard-code anymore using Notepad++?