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Joomla problems



Ok fella's maybe one of you might know of a quick way to make a joomla template into a Wordpress one (as i've taken over a site made in Joomla, which is basically rubbish on the backend, i'm still trying to clean it now, and its been over a month), it would've been done in wordpress so much quicker.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this quickly? Or is it a case of rebuilding everything from scratch?


Active Member
If you view the source of the page on the 'live' site (so your viewing it like any normal visitor would) you could copy all the html and save as your own file. Do the same for the css. That way you have outputted code rather than having to dig about in joomla for header/body/sidebar/footer etc.

That way you could copy the images across, change the paths if you need to to suit you then you can spilt the page into header / footer etc from there if you need to.

Think that's how I'd go about it.

I've had very little experience of joomla and what i have experienced I didn't like.


Thats what I thought Andy... I was worried it would be down to the recreation like that.. I thought I heard wind earlier this year about a conversion tool or something like that from Joomla to Wordpress :lol: or I was sleep deprived at the time and heard it in my head :p :lol: