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jobs in bristol


Senior Member
Hey all,

I would really love to start a design job full time but because i dont have experience I can earn the money i need.

Im currently working in IT and am earning £24k but if i leave and apply for design jobs im not going to get anywhere near that.

does any peeps know of any jobs going for my level that pay that sort of monies.

cheers all.


well for 24k you'd need to have a good 5 years experience out of London.. but thats just from my experience Tom :(


Senior Member
Depends—you can be pretty **** and earn an okay wage…

I'm on a few grand above average for Leeds area (and even that ain't enough IMO) but it depends on how good you are.


Senior Member
Why do I want to live such a luxurious lifestyle :p lol
instead of being able to settle for a good one with a lower paid job that I might well enjoy more