Jimlad's Logo... here we go.


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After the feedback on the latest CV I'd put together, it seems clear the time has come for me to create an interesting doodling-related logomajig. It seems sensible to post this stuff in a new thread here in the Logos section, rather than divert the original CV thread in the 'Everything Else!' section into the realms of off-topic...ness.

Anyway, if you're not sure what I'm on about, check out the CV feedback thread here and feel free to keep posting.

All up to speed? Right, here's where my scribbles have landed me tonight. Two distinctly different ideas - one using the "i" in JIM as a pencil, the other using my "dude-using-a-pencil-to-draw-himself-into-existence" character... who I'll just call pencilman from now on.

What say you? ... yeah, I'll keep scribbling.



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Thanks aibrean, while you are indeed right, please bear in mind these are just sketches of initial ideas to develop further. They're by no means finished visuals, haha.


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aibrean said:
I like both, but the second needs a space because it's hard to tell it's a first and last name.
I agree and prefer the second one! I think it would look awesome at the centre top of a cargo/website.
I think it's cool, I like the hand drawn thing.

From a personal view I would take the visual and separate it from the Jim Algar bit make the logo a logo and develop a stylesheet of text to compliment it.

The one on the left is too similar to say Gile's... that's cool in a daily cartoon in the mirror but from your work you seem to do some pretty top dollar architectural stuff, that may or may not alienate those clients if you choose to go down a route of as I would describe it "chirpy cheerful pencil guy"

That's my .2p it's probably not worth much.