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jHouse Website Critique


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Hi Jack,

I like your logo and JHouse branding, I think the colours work well together and overall it's got a nice visual look. I would personally look to have larger images of the work, and more of them on the page, perhaps separated by category, so by 'BRANDING | PRINT | WEB' as you have in your signature. I think that many visitors won't take the time to scroll through the thumbnails to some of the later work and will lose interest before seeing the work you've done. There's some really nice work examples, and some great bits of print design, so if the work was easier to access and view I think visitors will get a better idea of what you can produce.

Some form of introduction on the site would be beneficial too, as for someone landing on your site, with no prior knowledge of you or your work, it may take them a while to figure out what you do and what you offer clients. Other than that I would make the About page an actual page, perhaps extending on the services you can offer.



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I really like the work, super clean and really professional looking. I also like the portfolio layout, nice and simple with the work being the major showcase.

On that note I think id prefer to see slighly bigger thumbnails - after all its most likely what someone looking at your site is interested in the work and then information etc asuming they like the work.

I think you could improve the 3d style you seam to have gone for with the background and foreground "frame" - perhaps if you nudge the horizontal lines up in the content area it would look as if it were sitting proud of the background and add a little more depth/interest.

Overall I really like it though! :D


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Hijack. ( sorry I couldn't resist that old chestnut)

Really like the site, very simple but clean. I love simple stuff. Couple points to consider.

1. I'm a 'geometric' man and balance whether it's tone or visual is a key issue. The main portfolio thumbs should be straight 180 degree. The 45 degree angle spoils the grid geometry of the whole site and is alien with all the visual horizontals you have.
2. Some good typography elements in there. but be selective of what you show. The Superchip and Silverline stuff while it may pay and obviously has client restrictions and needs by the shown results, look alien to what you want to do. Lose them
3. Your about us is apologetic and of no substance. ~Go to town on that and talk BIG.
4.Change 'what we do' to something more positive and client benefit led ie. our skills, our expertise etc. There should be some links from these bullet points for some more text expansion.

Regarding going forward: Stay true to your brand. I can see what type of work you WANT to do. Don't have 2 sides to your business, ie the personal good stuff and the 'pays the bills' crap stuff. Be consistant and stay true to yourself and your brand values and you will reap the rewards long term. Compromise them at an early stage and you'll be compromising till you retire or leave the business through dejection.


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Thanks for taking the time to comment.

It's not often you get a critique from a CD.

When I find time I will certainly address what you've pointed out.

Thanks again.