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Jewellery Business Logo/Card

Silent Bob

Junior Member
Hey all was wondering if you could give me some feedback on a project im working on at the moment. Its very basic (as I said in my introduction post im a noob lol).

Anyways don't hold back give me your honest opinion.
Hi Bob.

I think you should talk to your client about what it is that makes their business special, then spend some time sketching ideas to come up with a logo that truly represents them. The above doesn't really make them look any different from any other jewellers on any other high street in the country. Another tip is to research their competition - look into how other jewellers in their neighbourhood and beyond go about branding themselves. This can help you to to develop a strategy for a designing a logo that really sets your client apart.

Also, stay away from the 'bevel and emboss' filter in Photoshop. When you first start out it's tempting to go wild with Photoshop filters. Learn to use them as tools rather than design features.

Good luck.



Staff member
I personally wouldn't agree completely about staying away from the filters in photoshop, they have their uses although in this case you've over used them.

If I'm honest the design just looks to mixed, the B&V is different to the others and it could even be different colours.

Personally I'd go back to the drawing board after looking at local competition


Active Member
Hi Bob,

I agree with Jim's post above, try and find out what makes them unique and get sketching for concepts that relate to that, perhaps there's something in the handcrafted element that could allow you to be more creative with the 'B&V' almost like a signature for their work (thinking of the Swarovski Swan connection). I would be looking at ways you can combine the 'B' '&' and 'V' to create a sophisticated mark with a suggestion of the craft in their work, so something quite elegant.

For logo design I would also leave the filters, you want this to be a clean vector so it can be used in many different applications, save any use of Photoshop filters for the website logo and as Levi mentioned keep them subtle.

Hope that helps, and good luck :)


Senior Member
I would agree with all of Gregs comments above Bob. I would also suggest you give some thought to your colour theory if you are planning on using colour in your design. The colours used at the moment are quite cold, icey almost and dont really say jewelery to me. Have a look around at existing jewellers and see how they use colours that reflects the luxurious nature of their products (golds,silvers,deep purples and deep reds for example)

And dont forget the basics; how will this look printed at a very small scale when on a business card? How would it look in black and white if photocopied? Can someone tell from a first glance what the name says and what kind of business the company is?
Hope that helps!


Well-Known Member
Bevel & Emboss, and Outer Glow etc are like salt & pepper. It's nice to have a little sometimes but if you over do it they kill the whole meal.