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JavaScript gallery help

Thanks guys.
So I can use that pagespeed to reduce the images?

Im new at all the graphic details of image sizes/quality etc. so any help/advise would be much appreciated as I don't want to reduce the quality of the images if I can help it.


Staff member
get firefox and the pagespeed plugin (does both thumbs and images) I linked to and then use the built in tools to optimise the images (resources tab, optimise images, then click optimised images and save them) :)


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It definitely took about 3 or 4 seconds to be fully loaded. However, I sort of cheated, because I force Firefox to display everything it loads immediately rather than waiting to display an element until it is fully loaded.


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Hay Emma I can't check your file sizes or your server settings at the mo, don't have acess to my geeky tools for you so can't tell you at the mo if you can reduce a lot of time or how to advise you best on tweeking your server, but IE7 well over 30 secs for me on Vista. That will seriously hurt the sites rankings come 10.

One solution is to use Ajax, that way you only load the first image, then display a loading gif while the Ajax function retrieves the images cache them and it will only take the user one time to download them, every other time the image will already be cached on thier system and the browser will use that instead.

Secondly move to using object tags for images for everything but IE 6 + 7 and instead supply them via a conditional if and give them image forms, still long wait times for IE7 and IE6 users though due to those browsers not supporting them.

With the object tag the browser doesn't download them it just gets them and displays them, big differance if you want me to walk you through any of them let me know.

Jaz :)