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JavaScript and Front End


Junior Member
Hello all!

I was wondering if someone could tell me, what kind of knowledge in JavaScript is expected from Front End Devs?

I am getting to know JavaScript (and JQuery) to add up to my Front End skills and at the moment I'm in a stage where I can tweek and modify already existent JavaScript code quite easily. Hand coding JavaScript is still a very distant goal and I'm not sure, if that is even needed?

I have background in Java and c++, so I feel quite at lost at the coding level requirements for web developers.

Please tell me what you think and what your experience has been with JavaScript in Front End Dev jobs. Any comments or thoughts will be most useful :)



Senior Member
My raw JavaScript knowledge is little more than basic, but I understand the language, the syntax. If you know what the possibilities are, a quick search can immediately give you solutions.

I can target anything on a web page and do pretty much anything with it, even load in new content from a database (AJAX). Not too long ago I created a lolcat-like builder from scratch. Do I need jQuery? Why not? There are so many, lightweight, copy-paste-ready scripts out there that can make your life easier, so embrace it :)

I would expect someone that calls himself a front-end developer to have knowledge that exceeds just html and css.