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Jambox by Jawbone

I am currently looking for some travel speakers. Actually, I wasn't looking for some travel speakers until I stumbled across this video.

Does anyone own one of these and can anyone recommend any alternatives?

The only reason I haven't bought one yet is because I don't dress like the guy in the advert and the price is ludicrous in my opinion.

Jawbone Website


Tom Sound

Active Member
My business partner got one a while back, I've just asked him and he's impressed.... however.... He says don't expect it to be as good as it is in the ads. It's a good travel speaker, but a bit limp in the living room compared to a proper home hifi.

I've got an x-mini II speaker, which is USB charging and it's lasted a year so far. Pretty good sound from one little speaker, and you can get another, link them together and have stereo! Which I think will save you more space in your back pack, but it's wired not bluetooth.

If anyone is interested; I did end up buying one of these at Christmas time....and I was pretty impressed.
excellent sound for what it is
bass is pretty bassy
looks sexy (went for the limited edition orange one)
ridiculous price, (hate telling people when they ask me)
vibrates around and sometimes off certain surfaces
very fragile (already dented front grill when it vibrated off a surface during a shower)
Verdict - get one if you actually need it but there are cheaper (uglier) ones on the market.
p.s @Tom Sound - thanks for your feedback mate