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I've been busy!

I am trying to come up with a good design for my site and I have came up with this one (attached) and I have another in mind which I will post tomorrow :p

What do you think? I'm not sure about the cartoon :cool:



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TBH I don't really like it, your right about about the carton IMO, I just think it looks....boring. I don't know maybe when it's coded it might have a different perspective and feel to it.


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Hi Chris,

There's nothing that really grabs my attention on the design I'm afraid to say, I think you would have a high bounce rate on a site design like that simply as the site doesn't engage the visitor in anyway.

I would move the vector sketch/illustration of yourself to the about page if you decide to keep it, and show some of your recent work on the home page. Break up that intro text as visitors won't want to read a big solid block of text like that! The other thing is the background you've used across the whole design doesn't help to break up the various areas of the site or distinguish any difference between the areas, and therefore it just becomes plain. Think about your logo and identity, work with 2 or 3 main colours on your logo and then extend that across a site design to help give yourself and your site more of a brand image.

HTH & good luck with it all!
I'm a big fan of white-space, but I think you're using a bit too much in your design.

You really don't have a lot of content, so I would focus on bringing everything together a bit more. Try to tie in the elements to one another, this should help to present a bit more unity.

As Greg mentioned, I think you should work a bit more on creating a focal point.

It's a good start.