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Its been a while....


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Its been a while since I posted anything particulary useful for anyone here, so I thought id pop this little gem into the limelight.

Found in an Australian/NZ design magazine and everytime I flick through it catches my eye, really clever peice of design and hope you like it as much as I do.

By "Beca Architects"
Architecture - Beca


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Most of that is pretty simple to make, to laminate ply you basically get it in 2 or 3mm thickness (so its bendy and floppy) lay it over a mould (in this case a big circle) and then glue more and more layers on, when it dries its incredibly stiff because of the layers of glue and then really strong as you have multiple directions of wood grain.

this would probably be done by a machine in this case in some form of vaccum (vaccumm pulls air out and forces wood to take the shape of the form until it dries)

then they just change the mould for the peices that curl back away from the radius :) ssiimmpplleee... ish :p

Could have used the same principle to make the seat part of my bench, however ply is pretty expnsive (£20 a sheet or so) and it would have taken a lot of ply and quite a long time, so built a frame and bent it round while glueing.


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sweet :D thats the same process you use for pretty much all curved wood, steam bending doesnt hold its form and looses strength, you can "curf" wood which looks awesome but again, isnt as strong :)