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Issues with Nokia mobile and Snow Leopard


Senior Member
*cough* iphone *cough*

and i dunno, but wait a lil while, orange for example are STILL producing software for their mobile broadband customers to allow them to use their dongle with snow leopard.

well they're "still" doing it, meaning, they're not.
Well I decided that the iPhone 3gs was just too pricey.
So I have a Nokia touch screen thingy...yes it's not an iPhone but so far it is quite cleaver.
The problem is I used to have an iPhone and well it's a bit like having the pretty sister as your girl friend but you remember snogging the beautiful one at the Christmas party on the sly.

Anyways itn't don't work with Snow Leopard...I'll plug it into my Powerbook that should sort it for now.


Senior Member
fair play then!

and lol i didnt actually understand that analogy (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!), but all i do know, is that the iPhone aint ****e to me!