Is UK design education an epic FAIL? (Part 2: Students)



After the storming discussion regarding my last post on my blog about design education in the UK, is seems like everyone I've spoken to about since pretty much agrees that something is certainly a miss.

I've now posted part two of this post that outlines were students are failing and ways in which they can pick up their game and compete that little bit harder.

When you’re a student time is precious, between drinking, partying and eating beans you’ve got fit in those exams, keep up with the course work and at some point start looking for a job, but unfortunately as discussed in the last post and at Design Forums it seems that leaving University with that all important degree is not nearly enough to secure yourself a job...

But what can students do to give them selves the upper hand?

Get some business skills
Its all about the extracurricular. If you can do something the next person in line can’t you’re already on to a winner and nothing sits nicely along side your design or tech skills than a little bit of business knowledge. Now lots of creative types will tell you that science and art don’t mix, and to be honest to a certain extent I think they’re right, but unfortunately in a world where cash is king basic business knowledge will get you a long way, so makes sense to equip yourself with this in preparation of whats to come....

Speak to some real people in the industry
No matter at what stage you leave education the big wide world can be a shock to the system. Whilst lecturers fill your head with dreams of 5 figure incomes the other side of 30k and a land filled with clients with infinite budgets, the reality of the industry is very different. During my time as a freelancer I’d like to think I’ve taken every single opportunity to speak to people with more experience than me, be it designers, developers, print technicians, business owners or even business advisers, and I’d go as far to say that I’ve learned more from these people then I ever did at school or college. So for me getting out there and speaking to these people is invaluable, even now....

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Again I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on this.