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is this normal for html5 + ie9?

Discussion in 'Website Coding & Programming Forum:' started by DaveGears86, May 17, 2012.

  1. DaveGears86

    DaveGears86 Member

    I've been playing around with a html5 template so I can break down the code and see how it works (begin to learn it)

    Home - Home Page | Design Company - Free Website Template from

    However, when I preview the template in ie9 the text at the top of the website (nav text) does not display at all (If you use safari/fox/chrome/ie8/ie7 you will see the nav text in the top right and generic text beside it to the left. But in ie9 this disappears and does not show up at all)

    How can I fix this? and why does this happen (is it because ie9 is just not capable?)

  2. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    Just a bug I think. If you click the little broken page image next to your address bar it appears. Good old IE.
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  3. DaveGears86

    DaveGears86 Member

    I feared that's what it was, thanks
  4. DaveGears86

    DaveGears86 Member

    I found the solution to this problem (not that anyone cares, but it might be useful to keep in mind incase somebody has this same problem in the future) -

    The problem was that there was a .js file that contained outdated script - this .js file helps the chosen font to work, the remedy was that this .js file needed updating to the latest release of code

    cufón - fonts for the people
  5. barry-M

    barry-M New Member

    oooh boyo! I would be more concerned about how the page is loading.. clear your cache then reload the page,. I seen a page with no CSS to begin with then the page eventually loaded (i have 100meg connection - took 2 seconds to load .. might be your server, might be some other stuff. i shouldnt be concerned with it as a normal joe but as a website designer, i see flaws to the hilt man! Design fromt he ground up - dont take stuff from other people and expect it to perform in your environment...

    Design is design - use what you like - you say you develope? Do you? Developing a site is from scratch with no premade anything.. I would like to think you are developing but the title of your link tells me something completely different man.
    It says

    Home - Home Page | Design Company - Free Website Template from

    you get me ?

    Your page title also hase Special HTML amrkup so this says to me your using a CMS of some sort (i make CMS's from scratch so i see this often when people use my CMS's)

    you realy shouldnt be claiming to make CMS if you dont - not for anything more than when if someone asks you to make a bespoke one and you have to make some shitty wordpress knock up.. if you get my drift
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2012
  6. DaveGears86

    DaveGears86 Member


    I never said it was something I was "developing" - it was uploaded to show the error and ask how it is rectified/why it is not working
    After I found the error it was taken down ...4 months ago infact

    maybe read the posts properly next time, eh bud? get me
  7. DaveGears86

    DaveGears86 Member

    Don't use any CMS ..and I've never claimed to make CMS ...
  8. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    Jeez Barry was a bit rude. We all start learning somewhere :icon_eek:
  9. barry-M

    barry-M New Member

    sorry i was rely drunk at the time...

    but the points are valid.

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