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Is this logo Lame??

I have finished my portfolio, but I'm not so sure I like the logo... at all!
Can someone tell me where I went wrong??

The link is in my signiture the "Site" link

Thanks in advance people!


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Yeah I'd steer clear of that, mainly because it has no purpose and shows no connection with your work or any message you want to put across. A Picture says a thousand words, but that one's pretty quiet. You might be better off with just your name as the logo?
I knew it was lame... Amazingly lame... not quite the Doctor wearing a Fezz, eh Jim? haha

You might be right about the logo being just my name, I'll have a looksy

Thanks again!
Let's be honest, you all know there was no point in me even setting this thread up... because I already knew how utterly tragic a logo that is haha.

But thanks anyway! :)
ye the two rectangle to the side looks like you got stuck, no idea what to add, "feck i'll just throw in some rectangles". The main symbol isn't bad, just needs something to back it up, like a little more colour (orange, yellow), or adding something around it.