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Is Myriad Pro too dull??


Junior Member
Hiya, logo now sorted I need a simple clean typeface for business cards etc. Just to put in context again I am starting own GD business, starting quite small and part-time due to kids. Thinking of using Myriad Pro but does that make me really dull? Anyone have any other suggestions for a good, basic sans serif typeface? Cheers.
When choosing a font you have to look at how it works with imaging you use for your branding including the logo. If it works and looks like it fits in then great, if it doesn't then that's when it's dull. No font is really dull unless it's put in the wrong scenery.


Senior Member
Hi Louiseh, I know how difficult it can be to design your own personal branding. Its probably the toughest job you'll ever work on. Ben is right that when he says we need to see it in context. Its a very vague question to ask if Myriad is dull! Its a great font, but like all fonts it needs to be used correctly. Maybe once you come up with a design you could post it here for some feedback and go from there?


Active Member
It's not too dull, Apple seem to like it :)
& as others have said, it needs to be considered in context rather than on it's own.