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Is it legal to use another companies logo on a flyer to help gain them as a client?


Junior Member

I work for a company that sells products to use within stores. As a promotion to get new clients to use our software/machines my coworker would like to send the potential client a flyer using the potential clients logo. I was wondering if this was legal to use another companies logo as a promotion that would only get viewed by that company.

For example, say I work for a company called Shelves, we want Hallmark to use our shelves in their store. Shelves would then create a flyer incorporating the Hallmark logo and show them using our shelves.

Any input would be grateful!



Staff member
halfbuiltrobot said:

As long as you dont give the impression your using their name in any other manor....as an unauthorised partner.
this - as long as you show that it's a way the 'potential' partnership could work/look then it's ok but trying to fob it off as your work or they're already a client is a no no