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is it all doom and gloom???

hello people of the design world!

seeing alot of comments on here about finding jobs after graduating, i must say i am still having a tough time myself,

i feel that i am really looking in to the wrong places and websites to find work, i really dont want to go freelance, its a way of making money but its tough getting clients that will pay without problems

i would really like a placement learning more about the trade working under seniors and that sort of this, im confident in my own ability but i know i have loads to learn, i dont really know where to look for these kind of opportunities, i have had a few members on here tell me but even those options seem to be very limited.

i am based and live in liverpool and would love to work here, i seem to see alot of work is going on down in london, does anyone know any good helpful websites based around my area or has anyone used any sites that you know work great that could be any use to me like agencys or help for graduates?

if anyone else is in the same boat as me please post a comment mabey we could all help each other