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Is it acceptable to....

is it acceptable to use work in your portfolio that you have worked on independently for a company that you work full time for?
Want to update my website to get freelance work.
let me know what you guys think?

Also does anyone know the average rate for UI design? Full apps or per page or any kind of rate system I could get an idea from.


Staff member
As said you'll need to ask permission at the very least and then you may not be able to anyway due to nda's. A lot of my work comes in requiring nda's...

Sean Lee-Amies

If you do use work in your portfolio that you do not own the copyright to then your company is well within their rights to have you remove it. If you are an employee then the author having default copyright does not apply in this instance. So yes, you must ask your employers if it is acceptable, otherwise you could be liable for copyright infringement!
Thanks for the advice,,,, How could i approach this though because adding to your portfolio only really seems to be because you want work elsewhere.
Just want to build up my portfolio so I can get some freelance work after work hours

Tony Hardy

And just be clear exactly what you did on each project too. Don't try and claim something that you didn't do.
Actually may it depends on your company head what he wants, if you can motivate him, clarify him that it will be better for your company then see what's happen.
In my previous contract I had, they had actually said in the terms and conditions I wasn't allowed to do any freelance work whilst working for them.. my boss would search the internet and take screenshots, then present them to me! Fortunately it was all stuff I had done previous to working for him, so yeah, read the small print too!
You could approach him in the most honest of ways saying something along the lines of you wanted to do some freelance work after work in your own time in order to gain more experience in designing and if he could allow you to add some of the work that was designed in a portfolio. Reassure him you wouldn't be competition and that you could maybe link the actual image to your companies site, saying that is where you created the designed? Maybe?
I did the company website for an energy firm I once worked at, I asked the boss of he'd mind me putting it on my portfolio for freelancing and he was ok with that. I clarified that its for out of hours work and he was fine.

As for rates, in the past I've done UI app work charged at my standard design rate which was £35 per hour. As it was an ongoing project it made no sense to estimate hours. However saying that, it's worth giving the client an estimated time to complete based on any information you have.

For example they gave a spec sheet, I quoted for say £500, but then they came back with amends and updates etc and I said that's fine, but it'll be £35 for each hour on top of that.

Other people may/probably have better systems but that's what I used at the time.