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Is ASP.net still used?


Sorry for sort of ambushing this site but am having real issues. I had a website developed last year in asp. My new IT chap is suggesting that this is now a completely unused language and the site should be dropped and started again.

My site is based on a database of subscribers for a small magazine, see some content nothing flashy but am thinking of adding a shop and I do not know who to trust when I get advice like this ? how can I buy IT services when I do not know what I am talking about ????

Losing the will on this one - Any advice welcome


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Larf. ASP is one of the core programming languages used in the web today. He's talking out of his arse. It's more likely that he can't work with ASP and is trying to hoodwink you so he can get some money out of you for a rebuild.

Got a link to the site btw?


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Note I'm not a web developer or anything, the others may offer more accurate advice but I wouldn't say ASP.net is a completely unused language. Last time I checked it just requires a windows server (readily available from most good web hosts) which usually costs a bit more than a linux option.

It may not be as popular as php for smaller companies due to the extra costs involved in running it etc.

In my opinion it could just be that your new IT person is more familiar with php (which does basically the same) and doesn't know the in's and out's of ASP.net or it could be he/she just want's some extra cash out of you :)

Hopefully Harry and co will come in and give you a more web dev's perspective on it all shortly.

PS. Why don't you go and introduce yourself in the introductions part of the forum while you're waiting for additional replies :)

EDIT: Harry must have been typing while I was :)


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Hi Claire,

I think Harry could be right on this one, was there anything specific you asked for in the quote? I don't know a lot about ASP but perhaps some features that it might not be able to accomodate? I can't imagine there is, but just trying to give your developer the benefit of the doubt...

Welcome to DF by the way! :)


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I'm working on two HUGE web apps built in ASP.Net at the moment (not doing the ASP coding just the front-end).. so yes it is definatley still used!
This just sounds like a bit of terminology timeslip. I'm no expert, but isn't .ASP just a backend scripting language which was absorbed into what is now known as the .NET framework? Very much widely used.

Of course, it's not the first choice platform for webapps. My experience hasn't been good: it often costs more at the end of the project and I've seen more hacked apps and compromised servers than I care to think about. Security faults seem to be rooted deep in the Microsoft DNA...
Hi Claire for sure it's used! ASP is a microsoft server side language that is often used throughout web development still. Levi was right ASP does needs to be on a windows Host as Linux hosts don't support ASP. There is another language out there called PHP which is used more often by developers, the language does the exact same job.


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Yes it does.

It's basically just less common for use on smaller sites (as I presume yours may be?) - php is a more common language for a designer / front end developer to know - which is why you may find it harder to find someone to work with.

Having said that there are a fair few developers out there using UMBRACO which runs on .Net so finding one of them may be your best option? (a little less hardcore than your adverage .Net Dev and probably more likely to have design /front end skills).

If your wanting to add a shop it could perhaps still be developed in another language and placed upon a subdomain of your site so - https://shop.yourdomain.com
What a load of rubbish, like Harry said.

Look at this site for usage stats for frameworks: ASP.NET Usage Statistics
Asp.net 25%, php 30%, those are the major players.

Unless you're clear that you haven't misunderstood what he was telling you I would not use this person.