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Irish Gifts website - looking for feedback for our new design

Hi all, we've just re-launched our website and looking for feedback from the community.

I'm interested in people's opinions on how the website works as well as the look and feel. So if you fancy having a look around that'd be nice of you.

In particular, is it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for? Does the site layout render OK on your machine/OS/browser?

Any suggestions or comments?

Here's the site - I hope you like it:

(if you do like it please consider clicking the wee likey facebook icon :)


For the most part it's actually quite a nice site.


1. The entire navigation menu, whilst not horrible (until you view the dropdown menus), could be improved on. The gradient used on the nav buttons are a bit too severe and amateurish.

2. The "... more info" looks isolated and isn't in the natural eye-line. I almost have to search for that link. It'd be better placed under the product description. It probably also wouldn't hurt to style it as a button in some way.

3. The default "blue" for links doesn't appear to work very well, you might want to go with another colour like the chocolate brown in your logo


1. The slideshow controls look a bit odd, with the drop shadow and styling effects. The current slide design is fine, but the others don't look great.

2. You can see the seams of the header image, it's not a terribly difficult task to get it to merge seamlessly into the background and it is a bit of an eyesore especially when its placed right next to one of the most important areas of your site - the logo.

That's all for now.

Good work on the site, it has come a long way from those other concepts I remember seeing...!


Staff member
first thoughts... haven't we had this thread before... checks threads by poster, see the competition... remembers issues op had...

ok honest opinions :)

- The 'search box' area at top seems to jam packed with stuff, the rounded edges on the search box also seem out of place

- Agree about the slideshow controls, they look out of place but not really sure how you could fix it. Actually I agree with most of squiddy's comments...

- I'd say the initial impression of the site is too focused on guinness, the first slideshow is about guinness and the colours are very 'guinness' if you get what I mean

- the images on the home page seem lost in the background or even just stuck on, maybe look at extending the 'visual' sides down from the slideshow and adjusting the images in towards the middle a little. Basically try and define the 'edge' of the site somehow.


Senior Member
Generally a decent design overall (although it took a while to load up and Im on a top quality machine with a good broadband connection)

One major thing that I wasnt a fan of was the photography, everything looks a little yellow. A lot of the products dont look like they have been shot professionally, and items like the Guiness merchandise looks black and yellow rather than white. Kinda makes the product look cheap. I know you only asked for feedback on the site design but I think this does have a big effect on how a website 'feels'

Looking like its going in the right direction though so dont be disheartened by my feedback!