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iPhone 5C / 5S / iOS 7 / ...and finger print scanning?!


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meh, nothing we didn't already know from all the leaks. Apple's been on 'leak mode' for ages because these phone aren't really anything special when you think about it.
5s - same case, different colours (I actually like the gold one the most...), an already done before fingerprint reader, sorry I mean touch ID sensor, which only works with a select few apps because dev's can't use it yet (yeah good one that....) a new camera/flash which pretty much keeps up with the times (if you exclude nokia pureview or the samsung galaxy camera/phone thing)....
and a 64bit processor.... yeah thats um really useful on a phone.... and it's not really that much better than the current 32bit cpu's if it's like I suspect based on arms a53 architecture which apple licenses.
The most lte bands also got me a little...pretty sure that still lies with samsungs in house lte chipset that works with the exynos 5 octa....
5c - it's plastic, but it's 'special' hardened plastic... yeah you guessed it, it's polycarbonate plastic just like the galaxy s range uses... funny how plastic is ok to use when it's their phone although they did stick a metal frame inside it like lots of other phone makers do with their plastic phones lol... Price: are you joking, it's last years model in a plastic case lol
iOS 7 - yeah nothing new here compared with 3 months ago... except the fact that devs now need to code for 64 bit AND 32 bit (or just 32bit making the new 64bit cpu pointless), 2 phone screen resolutions (4s is old smaller res) and 2 tablet screen resolutions and now 2 different os's because iOS 7 doesn't work on phones 3ish years old because of hardware limitations (fair enough that happens).
It also kind of blows out the 'fragmentation' argument they use against android because you could argue iOS is now worse because iOS was never designed for multiple resolutions from the outset...


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My iPhone 3GS is getting pretty geriatric these days, so I'm looking to buy. The iPhone 5C is a fun idea (looks like they finally noticed people buying colourful phone covers eh?), but with a price difference of only £80, I think I may as well go for the bells and whistles available with the 5S instead. Not a fan of the new grey/gold/silver colours though, I wanted black!
As for finger print scanning, I'm liking the idea so long as it works properly.
Never mind finger scanning what about a decent screen? More apple smoke and mirrors. They knock other phone manufactures for making plastic phones then boooom.....'but this isn't normal plastic'
I was kind of hoping for a mbp refresh as well but they don;t seems to be that bothered in computers any more, just phones for teenage kids.