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Invoice software


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Hi All,

I'm getting tired of knocking up invoices in indesign and it's not the best for organisation, I want to get some invoicing sofware (for osx) do any of you have any recommendations?

Preferably free of low cost... I would be keener on a "paid" solution if it also had things like project management / time tracking.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


Staff member
Personally I just made up a word template (could easily do the same with open/neo office) with everything predefined in a spreadsheet/table and all I need to do is adjust the part like date, contact details, reference code and the services being paid for.

All the formula's for things like the sums, vat etc are already entered and it's all calculated for me once I enter the data - I may change it to a more tick the box approach but for my needs it does me well and it also matches my corp identity :)

Now its probably not the most efficient way for a larger company with more than one person but for me its fine.

Actually thinking about it you could probably do it with a database too so that its all put into a db for later reference - might look into that over the weekend :)


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@Levi, yeah I thought about that but wanted to have something that archives them all for me etc... the one geoff suggested looks pretty good, also being online means I can get to it wherever...

@Geoff np's!


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I use QuickBooks Simple Start, does the job for me, also has some handy features for accounts at the end of the tax year. It was a pain to get any sort of well designed invoice template set up though, curdbee looks good Geoff, do you use it yourself?


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Greg said:
I .... curdbee looks good Geoff, do you use it yourself?
Yeah I do use it, although I'm paranoid and still keep paper copies and write a duplicates up in my invoice book / log book ;)

Good thing is though it only takes an hour per week of house keeping, then i can relax ;)


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I've checked the suggestions on this thread and have incorporated Billings into my workflow. It's very simple to use, effective and also looks good to boot. The reports feature is that good I may go and enter my previous invoices just to help with much need analysis of my jobs to date.