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Invoice/Accounts software


Senior Member
Hi all,

Sure this has been discussed plenty of times before for online software but Im looking something that can sit on the desktop of my mac.

I assume Im not asking to much for accounting software to have these features:

- be able to create client profiles that invoices can be attached to and marked as paid/unpaid so I can see how much each client owes.
- to handle quotes on a custom designed template?
- to handle invoices on a custom designed template

Basically looking for accounting software to handle my client profiles and to print invoices from, tell me who owes what and what invoices are over due.

Anyone got any suggestions?
There is a post somewhere which had a fair few suggestions. My vote goes to Billings, does all the above and has built in time tracking for multiple jobs.


Senior Member
Ive taken a look around the forums at the current posts on invoicing software so thanks for that :)

Anyone using Billings, can it handle your expenses too?

What software would you recommend if I needed invoices and expenses managing aswell?
You can add items as expenses in Billings but this is more for catagorising expenses that you are directly invoicing the client for, stock images for example. You could always set yourself up as a 'client' in the software and record all your expenses but I think any export and reporting features are limited.

Personally I use billings for everything I invoice for and iFinance Synium - iFinance - Capture data for recording expenses for the tax man.